Sunup’s low franchise cost is an industry standout.

Sunup franchise costs are significantly less than most franchises, particularly due to low initial staffing needs and no necessity to build out a separate retail space if you already have an existing business retail location.

Though actual costs vary depending on local market prices, a typical initial franchise investment* for each Sunup location is structured like this:

Franchise Fee $25,000
Initial Training $300 – 3,000
Leasehold Improvements $0 – 10,000
Rent and Security Deposit $0 – 5,000
Signage $1,000 – 4,000
Equipment and Furniture $0 – 7,000
Computers and Software $1,000 – 5,000
Start-up Supplies/Inventory $500 – 2,500
Grand Opening Marketing $1,000 – 3,500
Insurance $500 – 2,000
Professional Fees $1,250 – 3,750
Utilities $200 – 1,000
Licensing costs $500 – 2,500
Additional Funds (3 months) $3,000 – 9,000
Typical Total Initial Investment $34,250 – 83,250
*Per FDD, approximate total investment range is $34,250-$83,205

Agency Developer opportunities are also available and costs for those will differ from above single franchise territory estimates. Please contact us for more information on Agency Developer opportunities.

Franchise Tier Opportunities

Because every candidate is different, we offer 2 franchise tiers to applicable candidates to explore the SUNUP franchise opportunity.

SUNUP Agency

Ideal candidates will have 1-4 existing insurance agencies operating in retail spaces or intends to open a few new insurance practices operating as SUNUP.

SUNUP Agency Developers

Ideal candidates will have experience in the insurance industry recruiting, leading teams or managing people. Agency developers will be responsible for recruiting new Agents to open SUNUP agencies.