Our History



That is the word that best describes how I see the insurance world today. Captives are struggling to make profits for the owners. They are not focused on agents. Independents, have to be true business owners, doing everything to make their business rock! Transitioning from a captive model to independent is fraught with many challenges.

Are you facing commission compression, bonuses gone, increased rates that make you uncompetitive? Do you feel your business is determined by someone else’s choices and dictums? Are you ready to take the reins and build your business, your way!

This was the backdrop to my founding SUNUP. You find yourself disenchanted with your current position as a member of a captive organization, or you find yourself on an island, struggling to break the barrier ceiling to build your business to that next level. SUNUP is a new day, a fresh beginning. That is what I wanted to build.

A company made up of executives who had performed in their role at the highest level who truly care about the success and well-being of the agency force and field leadership team. This was important. Ownership of your book, the one you built! Opportunities to be a part of the ownership of the company that you are a member of!

All these things matter. Come learn about a new day! Be a part of something great!

Todd Swicegood
Founder & CEO – SUNUP Insurance Services, Inc.