SUNUP Insurance Service, Inc. is a national independent insurance agency franchisor founded by CEO Todd Swicegood in 2016. Although the company may be considered young, the concepts, systems and processes have been in use by members of our highly successful executive team for over 30 years!

We have successfully combined two of the most successful business models in the United States today: franchising and insurance sales. This model is quickly gaining momentum as word spreads about our game changing concept!

The keys to our success  are what we call the 4C’s:

Culture : Without a great culture in a company you have nothing. Our culture revolves around: integrity, Team, that is putting our agents first and and our expectation of our agents putting their clients first! Additionally, we believe that ownership of of one’s book is key. You built it, you should own it. We want to own a company made up as a family, the SUNUP family!

Carrier Access: We have built out a national strategy with key carriers that allows us to grow and expand our national footprint as we grow. Our program allows you to get started fast upon joining!

Compensation: As it relates to compensation, transparency is the word. We pay out based on commission and bonus. If it comes through the door and you created it, you get your percentage and that percentage grows as your book of business grows. 

Convenience: We believe that providing services and convenience is a big part of who we are. It is not just about carrier access or compensation, but accounting, multi-rater technology, management systems, CRM’s, marketing services, and an education system that will allow you to learn as you grow, and teach team members as you grow!

We also provide you with coaching. SUNUP has a model called Agency Developer where you can build a team of agents: recruiting them, training them, encouraging them and ultimately taking your knowledge and experience and leveraging it to the next level. We believe this offers incredible opportunity to someone wishing to build their own kingdom. 

Regardless of the insurance carrier you represent, SUNUP offer’s systems to help agents build a better business!

Franchise positions are available for agency owners and area managers in our approved states.

Thank you for visiting our site and allowing me to share this exciting opportunity with you.

Carrier appointments are not available in all states and subject to approval. SUNUP Insurance Services is not an insurance company and does not require franchisee’s to be appointed with our approved carriers. 

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